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The History of Hagridgrounds

2007-08-17 00:37:47 by Hagridgrounds

Hello all! Here's a little history on Hagridgrounds. :D

It all started many years ago. The_master_tommy was hanging out with his friends. Usually they made fucked-up jokes about pedophiles, homos, cannibalism, extreme violence and unexplainable stuff among other things. Then one fine day one of his friends said something like "YEAH AND THEN HAGRID IS LIKE: COME TO MY HUT, HARRY MY BOY, WE ARE GOING TO THE STORAGE ROOM!" "But Hagrid, this isn't a storage room... it looks like a cellar... Hagrid, w-why are you wearing leather? What are you doing with that whip? AHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Needless to say, a few years later when The_master_tommy learned how to make flash, the first thing that came to mind was his friend's strage Hagrid fantasy. The first Hagrid flash was submitted in October 2004. Unfortunately it was blammed, so he made some more. They were continuously blammed until finally Hagrid in Leatherclothes was saved on New Year's Eve 2004!

A few more Hagrid flashes were submitted, but most of them kept on getting blammed. So The_master_tommy quit Newgrounds for a few years, much to the dismay of the Hagrid in Leatherclothes fans. :(

Alas, while many good things do come to an end, some of them prevail! In the summer of 2007 The_master_tommy returned to Newgrounds and began submitting his historical Hagrid flashes once more. Amazingly, they started getting saved into the portal! One big Leatherclothes Hagrid fan who was happy to see the return of the flashes contacted Tommy, and thus Hagridgrounds was born! Be prepared for much more Leatherclothes Hagrid, for we shall not stop until we get our own official Newgrounds Collection! :)


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2007-08-17 14:49:09


Hagridgrounds responds:

Prepare for the great Hagridgrounds revolution, my extremely-short-flash-making buddy.


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